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Deadly Secret of the Lusitania

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A German submarine sank the RMS Lusitania on May 7, 1915, causing the death of 1,200 civilian passengers. This horrifying crime began the chain of events that dragged the United States into the First World War. In this historical novel, set in New York City in 1915, an insurance investigator and his fiancée have undertaken to assist a stevedore’s widow unjustly deprived of her husband’s life insurance benefit. But the couple then find themselves unexpectedly in possession of the suppressed, secret truth about the Lusitania’s cargo and for this reason under threat from German and British spies, Irish republicans, a rogue socialist, New York’s waterfront criminals and the newly-created Bureau of Investigation. The gripping story unfolds in thrilling scenes that sustain the suspense and finally leads readers into a long-suppressed truth.

Categories: Historical Context.
About Ivan Light

Professor Emeritus of Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Over a long career, he has published many books and articles dealing with immigration to the United States, immigrant entrepreneurs, organized crime, big cities, and American social history.

His academic publication record and many downloads are available on his university webpage (click here).

Deadly Secret of the Lusitania is his first book of fiction.