Blocks of Cheese

217,000 lbs of Cheese?

After “Dead Wake”

The political cover-up began after the Lusitania sank, precisely the point at which Erik Larson’s Dead Wake goes silent. On both sides of the Atlantic, authorities intended to conceal the truth from the public. As a result, the actual destination of 217,000 pounds of cheese on board the Lusitania did not become known until 1972 and then only because of detailed historical research. Why would the Royal Navy Weapons Testing Center in Essex need 217,000 pounds of cheese? That is still an unanswered question which, if asked in 1916, might well have prevented the United States from entering the Great War.

About Ivan Light

Professor Emeritus of Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Over a long career, he has published many books and articles dealing with immigration to the United States, immigrant entrepreneurs, organized crime, big cities, and American social history.

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Deadly Secret of the Lusitania is his first book of fiction.